1. I just don’t want to be here. Ill go anywhere. Its not right to be in an environment where youre constantly reminded of how shitty you are. How youre the reason for fights. Being called a pig. Being told yoire going no where. Being told you make living in this house hell. After hearing enough of it. You start to believe it. You dont want to cry over it anymore. Because you will be told youre weak. You just start to feel numb. And then youre called careless. The best solution is to just get the fuck out of here.

  2. Anonymous said: do you have a skype? id like to say hi :P

    Sorry if this is a super late answer! But since I dont have a laptop with a camera, I never get on skype.. but my name on there is karinnakay! :]

  3. "We’re gonna be up all night!!!"

    No…? Don’t know that song? okay then… WELL I’m gonna be up all night doin’ “homework” and Im gonna be EXTREMELY bored! So you guys should ask me random shittt. k? k. cool. thanks. :]